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About asbestos

On August 8,2006, Ministry of Health , Labor and Welfare published a new asbestos control low「kiankahatu」no. 0828001 “ Methods of analysis of the asbestos content in a natural mineral”. And it had been enforced on September 1 the same year.

We surely analyze and confirm the talc ore and talc products by products rot numbers if it contains asbestos 0.1% or less by weight based on the law using most sophisticated instruments.

So, the customers are using our safe talc products at ease

Methods of analysis of the asbestos content in talc.

  1. x-ray diffractometer  : the instrument from PANAlytical firm Multipurpose x-ray diffractometer empyrean
  2. Standard testing materials containing asbestos for talc : Standard test materials from Japan working circumstances measurement association
       . Talc standard test material(containing 0.5%tromolite) JAWE1112
     . Talc standard test material(containing 0.8%chrysolite)JAWE1212
  3. Analysis procedure : a. measuring conditions for x-ray diffractometer
     . Measuring scope (2θ) : tromolite 10-11°(around 10.4°)
                                     chrysolite 11-13°(around 12.1°)or 23-26°(around 24.3°)
     . Tube voltage and electric current : 40kV, 30mA
     . Counter negative pole : Cu
     . Mono coloring : Ni filter
     . Detector : semiconductor detector
     . slit system : using auto variable slit (irradiation width: 15mmfixed)
     . Gonio meter scanning speed : 1/8°
     . full scale : auto scale
  4. Method of measurement : based on the methods of analysis from [Kianka] no.0828001
  5. The way of Judgment  : As the result of measurement ,if diffract line is not found or under the diffract line strength of the test materials , it is judged that  testing talc’s asbestos does not go over 0.1% weigh.